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Rent a elektric boat in Rotterdam

Boat rental company Geen Boot Wel Varen provides spacious, comfortable and elektric powerd boats for 12 people. If you want to use one, just make a reservation on you website and make sure there's a boat ready for your. You can drive the boat yourselfs, no licenses is needed. Once you're arrived at the dock, start the boat with your own phone and off you go! The web-app, one your phone, also has the sailing map, instructions and rules on the water build into it.

Do you want to go sailing today? 

Do you want to rent a boat for today? No problem, also laste-minute bookings can be made online using the website.  Press book now and quickly book a boat, if you requested trip is not possible the system automatily generates alternative slots. If no slots show up they picked location is fully booked, the you can also try the other location. 

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  Last update: 1 februari 2020 
Our boats are available 

 Before you rent a boat please read our - Covid-19 maatregelen

Normally our boats are suitable for 12 people. Due to the current measures, adjusted conditions currently applies when renting a boat.

  • you are currently allowed with 2 people or 1 household in one boat.
  • You can sail between 09:00 and 20:00 due to the curfew.

This summer: If the gathering restrictions are given up we will allowe 4 to 8 people on one boat, depending on if people are from the same household. Only book a boat if your group is allowed in a boat together at the time of booking.

Rent a boat in 3 simple steps

Renting a boat in Rotterdam is very easy and you can even book it for today! 

Book online

Book and pay your boat online. You can even book a boat for today! 

Start your boat

Start the boat using the link in the text message that you recieve 15 minutes before your boattrip starts. 

Sail away!

Sail yourself, 100% elektric, in your own boat through Rotterdam

Bergse Lake - Hillegersberg

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Rotterdam City Center - Lombardkade

Bekijk locatie

Bergse Lake - Hillegersberg

Bekijk locatie

Rotterdam City Center - Lombardkade

Bekijk locatie

What if it rains during my boattrip? 

In case of bad weather we will cover the sloop for 1/3 and we will provide ponchos. If you prefer not to sail, you can move the boattour free of charge to another time on the day of the cruise. You will then receive a voucher and we will refund the deposit. If you want to cancel the cruise entirety you pay 25% of the agreed rent as a cancellation fee. 

Can i play music? 

The boat has no speakers built in, you can bring a small speaker (JBL Charge format, max power 40 watts) yourself, larger speakers are not allowed. Only play soft music during the cruise and do not cause any (noise)nuisance. When you sail past houses, pass through a lock or moor, you always turn off the music so that local residents and other people are not disturbed. 

Can I bring food & Drinks?

You can bring your own drinks for free on our 12! But with the snacks and drinks from Winebar Mendoza, Restaurant Mangiare or Brouwerij Noordt you can easily complete your cruise and you don't have to lug it to the sloop! Driving the sloop under the influence of alcohol is unfortunately not allowed, so make sure you also have a bottle of water or soda ;)

Corporate event in Rotterdam?

Are you organizing a business activity on or around the water? Then let us know, we are happy to think along with you! You can choose from our standard packages or organize an event yourself.

Take a look at the options or ask us a question!

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