Instructions and rules on the water

Because driving a boat is super fun, but also serious business

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Our driving instructions

When you are going to drive a boat it is important you realise that, because it has no wheels that are in touch with the ground, it won't brake or steer like a car.  Next to that our boats are a lot heavier than most cars.

Is this your first time with Geen Boot Wel Varen be sure you have read the instructions so you know how to operate the boat and you know the rules on the water. Little to no experience driving a boat? Do not hesitate to tell the crew at the docks or ask questions. We will be happy to take some extra time for you to get on the water safely and confident, we can almost always start this 15 minutes before the starting time of your trip.

Further on this page we explain everything about driving a boat and the rules on the water

More of a visual learner? Watch our instruction video below to get acquainted with the basics of driving a boat

Operating the boat

Changing course

Turn the steering wheel to the left or right to change course. Steer calm and confident, the boat namely reacts a lot slower than you are used to with a car.  Also you have to, just as in the video, give a lot of wheel to make a somewhat sharper turn.

  • While turning the wheel the back-end of the boat moves.

  • Therefore stay far away (25 m) from other boats and the shore if possible.

  • Look to the rudder behind the boat to see for yourself how much you need.

  • Driving backwards the boat does not steer so only do so driving forwards.

  • Some of our boats have a bowthruster, with this you can move the bow of the boat to the left or the right with the joystick on top of the console.

Driving forwards and backwards

  • On the right side of the console you will find a joystick, push this forward to go forward. Turn it backwards (via the upside) to drive backwards.
  • Do not drive to fast the speed limit is 6 km/h on the water. Therefore turn the joystick a maximum of 90o forward unless you have a lot of wind and travel up this wind.
  • A boat can gradually slow down by gradually getting the joystick further in reverse.
  • Do you want to brake? Put the engine in reverse to do so. Are you driving backwards and want to brake? Push the joystick forward to do so.
  • Always brake with as much power is available, the stopping distance (with    6 km/h) will be +/- 8 metres, you can always decide later to brake with less power.
  • Adjust speed to slower when it becomes busy, unclear to see or narrow, like on the other side of the lake of Hillegersberg.
  • If the joystick is all the way up the engine is turned off.

Tips & tricks

  • Always operate the boat calmly and confident, it will take a few seconds before the boat reacts to your actions, with giving power aswell as steering.

  • Eventhough the engine is very silent the engine reacts to a little bit of power, do not make the mistake by thinking there is only one level of power.

  • Make sure you keep a clear overview, always approach (unclear) corners an junctions slowly with a wide turn so you can see what is coming from the other side. 

  • Also the wind influences the course and position of the boat, keep this in mind when driving slowly and with docking.

Rules on the water

To guarantee the order and safety of all people on the water there are an amount of rules, these are the most important! When in violation of these rules you can get a fine from the police and you will risk losing your deposit or get your trip ended by us


A maximum of 6 km/h, de joystick at most 90 degrees forward.


Sound travels very far over water, to prevent noise related nuisance we advise to keep music low (background level) and not to shout.


After your trip throw your trash in a container near the docks. If you litter on the water or in the boat and do not clean we will keep the deposit.


Just like when driving a car, you can not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or laughing gas. Furthermore, our insurance does not cover captains under influence of any of those so if any material or personal damage occured this will not be covered.

Unwanted behaviour or profanity

Are you showing unwanted behaviour when sober or drunk? Are you using profanity against employees or other people? This will lead to immediate termination of your trip. 


You are allowed to make use of public docks only. You need to keep at least 25 metres of distance from marinas, private docks or backyards to make sure no nuisance occurs. 

Keep the boat tidy

Keep your boat tidy during your trip and return it clean, like you found it, to the dock where you have picked it up. You can have 12 people in total on the boat.

Locks and Boating area

There are locks between the Rotte and the lake of Hillegersberg, the Rotte and the lake of Kralingen and halfway down the Noorderkanaal. The locks are opened from the 1st of April until the 31st of october from monday until thursday from 09:00 AM to 04:45 PM and friday to sunday from 06:00 AM to 09:45 PM. Just go into the waiting line and listen to the lock service's instructions. Have you never been through a lock? Watch our instructionvideo on youtube. 

The boating area is from the Lombardkade to the Rottemeren and from the lake of Hillegersberg to the lake of Kralingen, also is boating on the Noorderkanaal and the Schie (Delfshaven to the Zweth) allowed. You can however never pass the Coolhaven or the Park locks, furthermore the Hennip canal on the Rottemeren is prohibited as well. The whole boating area you can see on google maps.

Rules when using the boat

To keep calmth on the water and the boats tidy we have some rules on the water:

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