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Make you sailing experience even better! 

Our skippers prepare your cruise, including your snacks and drinks, down to the last detail! From the Lombardkade we have a collad with Brouwerij Noordt and Restaurant Mangiare. This is about a 5-minute boat ride from our jetty at Lombardkade 46. If you order snacks or drinks, we will pick this up during the cruise.

Sailing with Mangiare  

Snackbox €38,50 

(2- 4 persons / box)
  • Antipasto Carne
  • Antipasto Formaggio
  • Antipasto Verdure
  • Italian meatballs with pesto mayonnaise (6 pieces)
  • Plate cake of the day (2 pieces)
  • Crostinis with tapenade

Lunch €19,50

(for 1 á 2 persons)
  • 2 mini chocolate cakes
  • 2 Luxury sandwiches

Sandwich menu: Vitello Tonnato sandwich | Thinly sliced veal, tuna mayonnaise, capers and arugula, Tallegio sandwich | Red cheese, roasted bell pepper, paprika powder and arugula, Tonno sandwich | Homemade tuna salad, roasted bell pepper, pesto and arugula, Verdure sandwich | Roasted vegetables, balsamic, pesto and arugula.

Drinks from Mangiare

  • Made Blue water - still and sparkeling - €4,50 (75 cl)
  • White wine - Soave - €19,50
  • Red Wine - Primitivo - €19,50
  • Rosé - Rosapasso - €19,50
  • Prosecco - Asolo - €24,00
  • Prosecco (Non-alcohol) - Pizzolate - €19,50 (75 cl) / €6,00 (piccolo)
  • Birra Viola - Bionda Lager - €14,50 (75 cl) / €6,60 (35,5 cl)

About Mangiare

Mangiare is known for its traditional Italian dishes prepared with farm-fresh products. Mangiare is open from Wednesday to Sunday, so the catering menu is only available on these days.

After a 5-minute boat ride you will pass Restaurant Mangiare, you can pick up your order yourself at the restaurant, so we are sure that you will also receive high-quality food and drinks on hot days.

If you want to know more about Restaurant Mangiare, take a look on there website . 

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