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Rent a sloop with captain for a cruise on the Bergse Plassen! The Hollander sails standard from the Bergse Voorplas | Hillegersberg and can take up to 30 people. Would you rather have more space during your canal cruise in Rotterdam? Then stick to the maximum of 24 persons. Furthermore, depending on the weather, we can partially or fully cover the sloop. Even the sides can be closed by windows. 

On the Bergse Voorplas we sail past the windmill and water sports clubs. The Bergse Achterplas is a maze of many small islands with summer houses.

You rent The Hollander with skipper for a relaxing cruise in Rotterdam starting from €345,- During the cruise we sail for 2 hours on the Bergse Plassen. Do you want to sail longer? Then €75,- per half hour will be added. Provided it is not too busy at the lock and we have a minimum of 3.5 hours sailing time we can also leave the Bergse Plas and sail a bit over the Rotte or to the Kralingse Plas. Snacks and drinks can be placed on the large coffee table. Would you like to complete the cruise with one of our packages? Check out the catering options.

Rent a boat with a captain in Rotterdam?

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Book your boat with a captain online using our website.

Food & Drinks 

Let us know if you would like to use our catering options by replying on the booking confirmation.

Enjoy your cruise!

The captain and boat will be ready at the dock 15 minutes before the start of your cruise.

Sailing with Snacks & Drinks

Chilled drinks and tasty snacks are waiting for you on board

With our catering menu you can complete your cruise. You can select it when booking the boat but also later, by replying on the booking confirmation. The tastiest snacks and drinks for your boat trip in Rotterdam come from the kitchen of Winebar Mendoza, Facet Eten en drinken and W.S.V. Aegir | The Sailor. Besides being tastier, you save yourself all the trouble of buying, cooling and lugging the snacks and drinks to the boat yourself!

Catering menu

About our cruises with a capatain

What if it rains? 

In case of bad weather we will completely cover the boat, and it's even possible to put windows in the side so that you can look outside. From the Lombardkade we lower the roof for 1 bridge, but otherwise the boat wil be covered. The cruise will therefore continue even if it rains and your programme will not be spoiled!

Can I play music?

The boat does have a small speaker on board on which music can be played softly during most of the cruise.Only when we go through a lock, are moored or sail next to houses the music has to be turned off. You are not allowed to bring your own speaker.

Bringing food and drinks?

There is a large table aboard the Papillon and a cooler with ice and glasses for your snacks and drinks. Drinking alcohol is allowed, just in moderation. If passengers drink too much and are under the influence of alcohol, we can no longer guarantee safety.

What if I have to pee? 

Unfortunately, the Hollander has no built-in toilet and there are not much public toilets along the route. We have one toilet stop at the local harbor during the 2-hour boat ride on the Bergse Plas. So go to the toilet before you come and don't drink too much during the first part of the cruise.

Boat rental with captain | Open, closed or covered: suitable for any type of weather!

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Book your boat tour with captain

You reserve the Hollander incl. captain online through our website and complete the reservation with a payment. We understand that sometimes it takes some planning with a large group. That's why only the Hollander has a reflection period of 10 days, after that the boat cannot be cancelled and the reservation is final. You can add snacks and drinks during your reservation or inform us later.

The Hollander leaves standard from Winebar Mendoza, Weissenbruchlaan 149 3054HG Rotterdam and we sail a route of 2 hours on the Bergse Voor en Achterplas | Hillegersberg.For cruises of 3 hours or longer, we can leave the lock on weekdays. At the weekend, when it is warm, we stay on the Bergse plas because the waiting time at the lock can be up to 1.5 hours.

Want to If you want an invoice for the reservation you book and pay for the boat first via our website, then send a reply to the booking confirmation with the information you would like to have on the invoice.

If you want to book the cruise by e-mail ( and have the payment made, the booking process will take a little longer. After we have processed your e-mail and created your cruise, we ask you to pay within 10 days. You pay € 14.95 booking costs for this due to. the extra actions we have to perform.

Some questions are asked more often, so we've answered them for you below!

Can I place an option?

Unfortunately we do not take options and when booking the boat online you have to pay immediately. You can cancel your cruise free of charge up to 10 days after booking. Unless the cruise takes place within 10 days, in which case cancellation is no longer possible. 

What if it rains?

In case of rain, we cover the sloop. We can even close the side with windows so your outing will not fall in the water! The cruise will continue as usual in case of rain and cannot be cancelled.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Sure, you may bring your own snacks and drinks. Often we will be ready for you 15 minutes before the start and you can quietly put your things on board. We always have a cooler with ice and glasses on board! Unfortunately you can not bring your belongings to the dock earlier, we have no storage facilities. 

How do I change or cancel a booked cruise?

Changing a cruise is free of charge up to 10 days before departure. Canceling a cruise within 10 days after making a reservation is free of charge. Until 10 days before departure 25% of the agreed rent will be charged and within 10 days before departure cancellation is unfortunately no longer possible.

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